The story of cadbury dairy milk marketing essay

Cadbury dairy milk is produced at the chocolate factory in Bourneville in Birmingham. High brand loyalty 5. The sales turnover of the company in the last financial year was Rs. Membership groups — Groups having direct influence are called membership groups.

Marketing mix for the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk has exciting products on offer — Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie, chocolate with Disney characters embossed in it, and Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 in 1, a delightful combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate. First of all it was just on Cadbury Dairy Milk but it's become the face of the company in recent years.

For Cadbury all are customer who can afford to buy. They research into what consumers want before developing a product. Early designs incorporated a sampler or embroidery rose design which was later replaced by a simpler rose. The company chose a factory site in Claremont, in Tasmania, whose location was ideal because of its close proximity to the city of Hobart, good source of inexpensive hydro-electricity and plentiful supply of high-quality fresh milk.

In order to continue generating sales, Cadbury took into consideration one of the threats that the confectionery industry is facing today. Cadbury should open its own Cadbury retail shop or Cadbury boutique only for the Cadbury items.

Next day of order Distributer deliver the stock to the retailer on the cash payment. Prospect is someone giving response. In buying of chocolates membership group highly influence. From that simple observation came a mouth-watering new chocolate bar!

Before Cocoa Essence, the cocoa Cadbury produced, like that of many other manufacturers, contained high levels of cocoa butter. As it is hard to convert advocate into member for such a big company like Cadbury. Giving consumers an exciting reason to keep coming back into the fun filled world of Cadbury.

Vision and mission of the company:Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate currently manufactured by Cadbury. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in and now consists of a number of different products. Every product in the Dairy Milk line is made exclusively with milk chocolate. With the new contemporary look for Cadbury’s DAIRY MILK MEGABRAND, a new advertising direction linked “the glass and a half of milk”, the basis of the uniqueness and quality of the brand with the best tasting chocolate.

What is the communication mix of Cadbury? The marketing communications mix consists of five major modes of communication advertising is used to build a long-term image of the product. We will write a custom essay sample on Cadbury Communication Mix specifically for you for only $ Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the brand leader.

More Essay Examples on Chocolate Rubric. Today, Cadbury Dairy Milk alone holds 30% value share of the Indian chocolate market.

Micro and Macro Environment of Cadbury Dairy Milk

In the early 90’s, chocolates were seen as ‘meant for kids’, usually a reward or a bribe for children. Cadbury is a chocolate confectionary market started in by John Cadbury in Birmingham. He started with a shop selling coffee, tea, drinking chocolate and cocoa. This was started due to his believe that alcohol was the main cause of poverty in their society.

As for Cadbury dairy milk, geographic plays an important part in the success story of the product, as Cadbury dairy milk is targeted to different segments (multi- segment), the product reaches across the entire nation having a wide distribution channel, thus making them the leader in the industry.

The story of cadbury dairy milk marketing essay
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