Life and theories of confucius

They were honored with the rank of a marquis thirty-five times since Gaozu of the Han Dynastyand they were promoted to the rank of duke forty-two times from the Tang dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Then, with practice, all people can in principle be like the sages, by acting in accordance with li without conscious effort.

After the disastrous conflicts with Western military technology at the dawn of the 20th century, Chinese intellectuals blamed Confucianism for the scientific and political backwardness of China.

This "sense of shame" is an internalisation of dutywhere the punishment precedes the evil action, instead of following it in the form of laws as in Legalism.

GokbuShandong Province. In a conversation with Ji Kangzi who had usurped power in LuConfucius advised: What is a human being? Confucius was much influenced by the philosophy of his much older contemporary, Lao tzu b.

It may have been through their influence that in B. He attributed this collapse to the fact that those who wielded power as well as those who occupied subordinate positions did so by making claim to titles for which they were not worthy.

This work consists of conversations between Confucius, his students, and an occasional ruler. The book known as the Analects, which records all the "Confucius said, …" aphorisms, was compiled by his students after his death.

Anti-Confucianism has been a theme in various political campaigns in modern China — most notably during and just after the Cultural Revolution. The Analects became the basis of the Chinese social lifestyle and the fundamental religious and philosophical point of view of most traditionalist Chinese intellectuals throughout history.

I should claim for myself only a title that is legitimately mine and when I possess such a title and participate in the various hierarchical relationships signified by that title, then I should live up to the meaning of the title that I claim for myself.


Later on, in the state of Song, Confucius just barely escaped with his life from an attack by Marshal Huan, a formidable Song nobleman, who for unknown reasons was intent on killing him.

Even in facial expressiontruth must always be represented. On one occasion the question was asked whether the student should immediately put into practice something he was taught.

Traditionally, Book X has been regarded as providing an intimate portrait of Confucius and has been read as a biographical sketch.


Later, in the Ming dynasty —Wang Yangming claimed that the heart projects li on things rather than just noticing external li. Li Ling,Lunyu: Confucius also figures prominently as the subject of anecdotes and the teacher of wisdom in the writings of Xunzi, a third century follower of Confucius' teachings.

For decades Confucius tried to be actively involved in politicswishing to put his humanist ideas into practice through governmental channels.

The Ji family held the position "Minister over the Masses", who was also the "Prime Minister"; the Meng family held the position "Minister of Works"; and the Shu family held the position "Minister of War".

He regards devotion to parents and older siblings as the most basic form of promoting the interests of others before one's own.

Confucius Biography

He then married a fifteen-year-old girl from the Yen clan, who gave birth to Confucius. His mastery of the six arts—ritual, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy, and arithmetic—and his familiarity with the classical traditions, notably poetry and history, enabled him to start a brilliant teaching career in his 30s.

Perhaps the claims that Confucius served as director of crime are fictional. This great philosopher never thought of himself as a religious leader or great teacher; he did his best to teach people about how they should look to the ancient Chinese philosophers, scholars and wise men who were already established in history.

Under the succeeding Han Dynasty and Tang dynastyConfucian ideas gained even more widespread prominence. Instead it appears he spent most of his time studying and teaching, gathering a large number of students around him.

He acquired a large following, and the solidification of the Confucian school probably occurred during these years. He inaugurated a humanities program for potential leaders, opened the doors of education to all, and defined learning not merely as the acquisition of knowledge but also as character building.

People disagree because they are focusing on themselves, and not Nature and the way of Nature. A historical account notes that, even though he was already known as an informed young scholar, he felt it appropriate to inquire about everything while visiting the Grand Temple.

The school's doctrines supported political authority using the theory of the mandate of heaven. Eventually, he rose to the position of Minister of Crime.

Confucius was almost assassinated killed in Sung.Confucius' life is thus rendered a re-enactment of the suffering and alienation of the personas of the poems. Analects claims that while he was in Wei, Confucius visited its ruler's wicked consort Nanzi. Confucius cared about human beings, the human condition—not metaphysics (grand theories of the universe.) Worry about humans, not gods; worry about life, not death, he said.

He emphasized that good government would promote social harmony and the general well-being. Confucius viewed himself as a transmitter who invented nothing.

His teachings emphasized the importance of study and education. His goal was not a systematic theory of life or a society that was based on formal tradition.

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The goal of his philosophy was to have people think for themselves, and to improve themselves by emulating examplars of. Watch video · Confucius was born probably in B.C.

(lunar calendar) in present-day Qufu, Shandong Province, China. Family and Early Life Little is known of Confucius’ childhood. Both Confucius and Aristotle have had a great impact in philosophy even though their views on humanity varied.

We will write a custom essay sample on Comparison between the Views of Confucius and Aristotle specifically for you for This mover is thought to be God who enjoys a very good life in the external space and does not think of.

- Confucius Theory He is known as the first personal development expert that existed and is called the father of personal development who understood the law of reciprocity.

This states that 'we should not do to others what we would not want to be done to us'.

Life and theories of confucius
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