Derogitory clothing

Navy rules and regulations. Cholo is a word from the Windward Islands ; it means dog, not of the purebred variety, but of very disreputable origin; and the Spaniards use it for insult and vituperation".

Cholo image in media[ edit ] Film[ edit ] There is a reference to "The Cholo" in Assault on Precinct 13although it is used to refer specifically to a blood oath instead of a Mexican person.

Men and women should be distinctive in their appearance. High Speed — An individual who his highly motivated and at or near peak efficacy.

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This might also be helpful if the student does not respond well when you first address them. The term is fairly derogatory in nature as a slight against the accuracy of the maps.

Dittybopper — A term in the Army refering to Derogitory clothing intelligence radio operators trained to utilize Morse Code. The term can be applied to the deceased as well as broken pieces of equipment.

If you want to know more about the military alphabet, check out our complete guide. Red Team — A body of experts on a specific topic who are instructed to research and suggest alternative methods regarding a planned course of action.

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The word has been co-opted and morphed to the point that ghetto people now use it to distinguish themselves from one another. This designation may also be associated with black ink tattooscommonly involving calligraphy and art. Glam An object or a person who is glamorous. Learn More About Military Life Stay on top of the latest military, and get more insights about joining the military, and the benefits you can earn.

Remington Raider — A somewhat derogatory term used for Marines given the harrowing task of performing office duties. Finally, to actually answer the question: Hardcore - Extreme Harsh Can either mean cold, or someone who's really hot, as in "How was that Trig test?

Recommended by user Mike W. W Weapons of Mass Destruction — Weapons which can cause destruction or death beyond the ability of conventional weapons.

The word is a corruption of melanzane, the Italian word for eggplant. It is considered immodest to wear clothing that is tight-fitting. People Tank — A U. Less commonly, the Bloods use the crescent moon, which represents the splitting of the Black Nation into the East and the West.

Demilitarized Zone — A specific area in which any type of military force including but not limited to personnel, hardware, and infrastructure are banned. Smart Casual is required for all classes, concerts, and recitals.

Joint Operation Planning — All type of planning involving joint military forces in regards to military operations including, but not limited to, mobilization, deployment, and sustainment.

Recommended by user Mike W. Recommended by user bensonmccloud. Fangs — A Marine Corps term for one's teeth. Navy term for a hospital corpsman. Hit the Silk — Ejecting from an aircraft and utilizing a parachute. L Latrine Queen — Air Force specific term for a trainee in basic who is in charge of the team responsible for cleaning bathrooms.

Recommended by user Bob Pante. For example, cranberry sauce indicates turkey while applesauce indicates pork chops.

Appendix:English sexual slurs

Must never be used within the military to describe a pistol or rifle. For this reason, men are not to wear effeminate hairstyles or apparel. Pill Pusher — A U. The pyramid has 21 bricks, which is highly symbolic to the People. Gamer avid video game player This term is prevalent in '80s and '90's video game magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly, Video Games and Computer Entertaiment.

Appendix:English sexual slurs

Folk Nation gangs emphasize their style of dress to the right. Recommended by user jloman This could be perceived by some to be inaccurate and a sign of disrespect.People are always asking me how to get those white streaks off their clothing, so I’ve compiled a bunch of methods for you to tuck away.

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Free Returns % Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping. Cholo (Spanish pronunciation:) is a loosely defined Spanish term that has had various meanings. Its origin is a somewhat derogatory term for mixed-blood descendants in the Spanish Empire in Latin America and its successor states as part of castas, the informal ranking of society by heritage.

Derogitory clothing
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