Changes of the human spirit during war in all quiet on the western front

He says, "It is of the vilest baseness to use horses in the war," when the group hears several wounded horses writhe and scream for a long time before dying during a bombardment. He is devastated and later confesses to Kat and Albert, who try to comfort him and reassure him that it is only part of the war.

Need a custom research paper on College Essays? However, he is killed before he can be rescued. They stripped him of his pants and took turns lashing him with a whip, muffling his shouts with a pillow.

All quiet on the western front, In another example Remarque describes the wounds on the battlefield: While literature should not be considered a substitute for the scientific analysis of the consequences of trauma, it is useful to use such writings to triangulate with our psychological theories.

Inexperienced recruits die in droves, and Paul notices that their faces have the expressionlessness of dead children.

All Quiet on the Western Front - Horrors of War

Finally, Paul and his fellow soldiers are relieved from the frontlines. In order to mentally survive soldiers have to relinquish much of what makes them human, the ability to look into the past and to explore the future.

Essay/Term paper: All quite on the western front analysis

The destructive power is so great that even the fundamental differences between life and death become blurred. Soldiers no longer pause to mourn fallen friends and comrades; when Kemmerich is on his deathbed, at the beginning of the novel, the most pressing question among his friends is who will inherit his boots.

The relative worthlessness on the battlefield of the patriots Kantorek and Himmelstoss accentuates the inappropriateness of outmoded ideals in modern warfare. Death may be an adventure to the reader, sitting comfortably at home, but it is anything but that to the soldier who is actually confronted with the possibility of being blown to pieces at any moment.

His hatred of All Quiet on the Western Front was both a personal vendetta and one of the first major public displays of Nazi thuggery. The shelling is stronger than everything. Students screamed into the night, condemning each writer as some 25, books were incinerated.

Avoidance is an important means of coping used by soldiers. With one bound the lust to live flares up again and everything that has filled my thoughts goes down before it. As for the book and film that started his career and ended his relationship with his native country, they went on to be stunning successes.

As seen throughout the entire book, the destruction of war is great, on not only lives and property, but also on the human spirit. Active Themes The company continues to wait. As he was dying "quite conscious and in terrible pain", he gave his boots which he inherited from Kemmerich to Paul.

It was an abstraction I stabbed. In despair, Paul watches as his friends fall one by one.

All Quiet on the Western Front Questions and Answers

Neither is there a clear understanding of how and why verbal descriptions are inadequate to describe traumatic experiences, though this has implications for all psychological work involving linguistic data. His enemy is modern warfare, not the English or the French.– Understand the nature of the war and its human costs (military and civilian) on all sides of the conflict, including how colo nial lost their youth and vision during the war.

Author of All Quiet on the Western Front and other texts. - All Quiet on the Western Front The novel All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque describes the psychological and physical battles of young soldiers such as the main character Paul Baumer who was pressured by the spirit of nationalism and his school master into joining the German army during.

All Quiet on The Western Front is a war-time novel that is written by Erich Maria Remarque about the life of a young 19 year old soldier in the war, moving through the motions of his everyday life and how much he has to go through in order to survive in the war, and to survive at home.

The Most Loved and Hated Novel About World War I

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in All Quiet on the Western Front, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The Horror of Modern War Survival. All Quiet on the Western Front - Horrors of War Published inAll Quiet on the Western Front masterfully depicts the horrors of war.

Erich Maria Remarque based the book on his own experience as a young infantryman in the German army during World War I. Remarque was partially influenced by Henri Barbusse’s war novel Le Feu Journal d’une Escouade, which was published while the war was.

 All Quiet on the Western Front All Quiet on the Western Front could definitely be considered an anti-war novel. The changes the characters in the novel subjected themselves to throughout the book allow the reader to view the negative effects soldiers went through during, as well as after the war.

Changes of the human spirit during war in all quiet on the western front
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